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Broken glass/sealed unit? Damaged frames, leaking conservatory roof? Our fantastic repair service can have your conservatory looking good as new!

We find that upvc conservatories are usally is pretty good, but the poly-carbonate panels become brittle, damaged or stained. This can be a simple matter of installing new poly-carbonate panels. Faulty lead flashing. This is probably the most common source of leaks on all older conservatories.

Glass units misted up, this is also very common.


Have a conservatory and want it to look new again? No problem.

Have a polycarbonate roof and want a glass replacement? No problem.

Already have a glass roof but want the latest gas filled, tinted and active glass? No problem.

Whatever your upgrade, repair or replacement we can help call Just Conservatory Repairs 0800 118 5129



Apart from normal wear and tear then the most common problem we encounter is due to faulty installation. 

Problems can arise when a conservatory is erected by a general builder or diy enthusiast who is unfamiliar with the product. This usually manifests itself with poorly fitting polycarbonate roof panels. You can be certain that the roof and panels came out of the factory accurately sized, so what went wrong?

Fairly small errors in the building of the frame and its geometry can be magnified to such an extent that panels no longer fit correctly. This is most often seen on the corner triangles of Georgian or Edwardian roofs. We often find panels seated by only a couple of mm, or skewed round so that they sit on the glazing bars. If you look along the eaves of a well built conservatory, the edges of the panels should be in a straight line. If they are not, then either a panel has slipped or the geometry is wrong.



Conservatory Frame/Base Repairs

We are able to fix any problems with your Roof, Base or Frames of your conservatory    

Glass Roof Upgrade   

Upgrade your old Poly-Carb roof for a new Heat Sheld Glass



Poly-Carb Upgrades   

Upgrade your Poly-Carb to the new solar polycarbanate and reduce the heat in your conservatory



Conservatory Roof Repair

Conservatory Too Hot in the Summer To Cold in the Winter, take a look at our Tiled Roof Conversions  




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