Would You Like To Use Your Conservatory All Year  

Warm Ceiling Conversions from Just Conservatory Repairs 

Why Replace When You Can Repair

Would you like to use your conservatory all of the year? Winter or Summer


Making your conservatory feel like a regular room all year round is less expensive than you may think, you do not need to make any drastic changes to the conservatory roof. Our insulation products will help keep a nicer temperature all year round, with a warm conservatory ceiling conversion to your conservatory. No need for planning or building regulation, unique 17 layer foil rapped insulation, finished with Celotex 25mm High Performance Insulation Board

  • Versatile and multi-purpose insulation board suitable roof installations
  • Meets all current building regulations
  • Provides excellent thermal performance which is up to 100% more efficient than many mineral fibre products
  • Lightweight,
  • Low emissivity (low-e) foil facing provides enhanced thermal performance within cavity air spaces
  • Achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide 2008, providing a lower environmental impact than typical PIR insulation

Once the frame work and insulation are installed we have a choice of internal finishes you can have



You can either finish your conservatory's insulated ceiling in uPVC or Plaster making your conservatory look and feel like a regular room but with the brightness and view of a regular conservatory.



There will be no major change in appearance from the outside as the insulation looks similar to ceiling blinds.

Turn your conservatory into a usable room


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